about saprm

The Serbian School of Medicine was established in Belgrade in 1920. Three years later the Chair of Physical Therapy and Balneology was formed, so today’s Serbian Association of PRM is a logical extension of almost a 100 years of organized PRM in Serbia. A huge progress in rehabilitation was seen shortly after the WWII, mostly after 1948. During 1950 and 1951, the rehabilitation programs developed by the UN were introduced and accepted. Based on these programmes, the first Clinic of Rehabilitation was established in 1952 as the Federal Institute for Rehabilitation of Yugoslavia.


The first Association of PRM in Serbia was established in 1952 as a PRM Section of the Serbian Medical Society. The new Serbian Association of PRM was founded in 2003 as the Association of Physiatrists in Serbia and Montenegro and from 2006 it works as an independent association and the successor of the previous Association. In 2012 it became the Serbian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and from 2015 it is the Serbian Association of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.


The Association was founded with the goal of meeting the needs of establishing a better cooperation between professionals, patients and the public, as well as the necessary communication and cooperation with similar societies and associations in the world. The association regularly cooperates with medical associations in the country, with ESPRM, UEMS PRM Board and Section, Academy of PRM, ISPRM, with the Universities in the country and the Ministry of Health.


Besides this goal, other goals of the Association are the improvement of profession by providing solutions to expert and scientific issues within prevention and treatment in the field of PRM, coordination of member activities, improvement of their work and solving other questions important for the members and the profession in general. The aim is also to improve knowledge and cooperation of all dealing with prevention and treatment in the domain of PRM, improvement of studies, education, by-laws in the field, organization of meetings and congresses.

For further information, visit www.fizijatri.org

Milica Lazović
President of SAPRM (2018 - 2022)