The European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Trans European Scientific Contest

ESPRM TESC 2020 Belgrade - May 2nd, 2020  

During previous congresses of ESPRM there has been a contest called TESC.

The aim of TESC is to stimulate young physicians in PRM to perform clinical research and to present the results during the ESPRM congresses.

Each national society has the right to select one young PRM physician to compete in TESC.

The candidates should be residents or young specialists in PRM not more than 3 years after graduation as PRM specialist.

They should present their own research and have approval of their supervisor.

Because each national society is allowed to delegate one candidate, national societies are requested to organize in their own countries and during the meeting of their national society a selection procedure/national contest in order to select the best candidate from each country.

Your national society is free on how to organize this selection procedure. The organizing committee of ESPRM TESC (Enrique Varela, Henk Stam and Thierry Lejeune) and the organizing committee of the 22nd ESPRM Congress of PRM will need the names of the candidates before February 1st, 2020. After this date no candidate will be accepted for the contest. The candidates will have to prepare a presentation of 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for questions and answers. A jury will be installed consisting of senior researchers coming from countries that have sent a candidate for TESC. The jury will judge the contributions on research quality, presentation and relevance for PRM.

The file will include: 
  • Name of the candidate
  • Abstract
  • CV of the candidate
  • Supervisor name
  • Contribution of the candidate to the research (design, experiment, analysis, writing, etc.)

The candidates who obtain one of the prizes, will attend as guests to the Presidents dinner of the congress, where the prizes will be delivered.

Please send proposals to:

At the 22nd European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, the UEMS PRM Board will grant the awards to the best oral and poster presentations. One gold award and two special mentions will be given:

  • to young PRM specialists (until 3 years after graduation as a PRM specialists)
  • to PRM trainees

The gold awardees receive: a diploma & a voucher either for UEMS PRM Board examination or for recertification.

In case of two participants ex aequo, the prize of the category is doubled.

Trainees or young medical specialists awarded a “Special mention” will receive a diploma.

Trainees and young medical specialists in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (until 3 years after graduation as a PRM specialists) who wish to compete for the UEMS PRM Board Awards are kindly requested to apply by selecting the relevant checkbox in the abstract submission form.

The applicant must be a PRM trainee (registered on the official website of the Board or a young PRM specialist (who has achieved the status of PRM physician AFTER January 1st, 2017) and has to present the study in person at the congress. The status of the registered participants will be verified by the National Managers.

The presentations will be evaluated by the members of the Board Jury:

  • Mauro Zampolini
  • Maria Gabriella Ceravolo
  • Nikolaos Barotsis
  • Ljubica Konstantinović 
  • Rolf Frischknecht 
  • Aydan Oral

    M.G. Ceravolo, UEMS PRM BOARD President

“My rehab thesis in 180 seconds (MRT180)” session

2020 Belgrade - May 2nd, 2020

Research has always been a priority in PRM to contribute to “better health for all people with disability” (
“My rehab thesis in 180 seconds (MRT180)” session which is accommodated in the scientific program of the ESPRM 2020 specifically for PhD students will serve as an outstanding milieu for disseminating diverse scientific research activities for persons with disabilities.

The aims of the “MRT180” session are: 
  • To provide opportunity to recognize diverse research possibilities for persons with disabilities
  • To provide motivation for research in rehabilitation
  • To provide professional development opportunity for PhD students in presenting research
  • To promote scientific popularization

Selected PhD students (through submitted abstracts specifically for this session) among different disciplines involved in research for persons with
disabilities will present their theses in a very short time (3 minutes) in an attractive and widely understandable manner with a single PowerPoint slide.

PhD students in any rehabilitation relevant discipline can participate in the “MRT180” session provided that they are enrolled in a doctoral program the academic year 2019 - 2020 or they have obtained their PhD in the academic year 2018 - 2019.

For participating in “MRT180” session, there is a need for abstract submission during which the topic B.10. “Biomedical Rehabilitation Sciences” will be selected and “MRT180” will be inserted before the abstract title.