ESPRM SISC Session in Ageing persons  

Chairpersons: Michael Quittan (Austria)

  • Gerold Ebenbichler (Austria): Targeting age-related changes in back muscle function: Is there a role in preventing early functional decline and frailty in the elderly?
  • Aydan Oral (Turkey): Frailty
  • Michael Quittan (Austria): Rehabilitation of geriatric patients in Austria – the role of PRM


ESPRM SISC Session in Musculoskeletal Disorders

Part II

Chairpersons: Mirjana Kocic (Serbia), Tatjana Nozica Radulovic (SR, B&H)

  • Mirjana Kocic (Serbia): Influence of psychological factors on outcomes following total knee and hip arthroplasty
  • Aleksandra Vukomanovic (Serbia): Early rehabilitation and early functional assessment – look at our practice
  • Jovana Kojovic (Serbia): Provocation tests in Thermal Infrared Imaging


ESPRM SISC Session in Spinal Cord Injury

Chairpersons: Christina-Anastasia Rapidi (Greece)

  • Christina - Anastasia Rapidi (Greece): Special Issues of Women With SCI
  • Francesca Gimigliano (Italy): Evidence based treatments for urinary incontinence


ESPRM SISC Session on Sports Affairs

New therapeutic in sports medicine and MSK

Chairperson: Jean-François Kaux (Belgium)

  • Hervé Collado (France): Botulinum toxin in sports medcine
  • Vincent Gremeaux (Switzerland): PRP in knee OA
  • Jean-François Kaux (Belgium): PRP in tendinopathies
  • Jérémy Magalon (Belgium): Stem cells in MSK


ESPRM SISC Sessionin Musculoskeletal Disorders 

Part II: Back Pain and Spine Disorders

Chairpersons: Francesca Gimigliano (Italy)

  • Francesca Gimigliano (Italy): Cochrane evidence for the rehabilitative treatment of low back pain
  • Marco Monticone (Italy): Responsiveness and minimal clinically important difference of the fear avoidance and beliefs questionnaire in Italian subjects with chronic low back pain undergoing multidisciplinary rehabilitation
  • Olivera Djordjevic (Serbia): Difference between subjects in the early chronic phase of low back pain with and without neuropathic component: an observational cross-sectional study
  • Slavko Rogan (Switzerland): Mechanobiology – how mechanotherapy promotes tissue repair in rehabilitation medicine


ESPRM SISC Session in Peripheral Nerve Disorders

Electrodiagnostics in PRM

Chairpersons: Mark Lissens (Belgium), Dejan Nikolic (Serbia)

  • Dejan Nikolic (Serbia): Electrodiagnostic of myopathies in children
  • Ivana Petronić-Marković (Serbia): Diagnostic and prognostic relevance of neuro-physiological findings in pediatric rehabilitation
  • Mark Lissens (Belgium): The use of motor evoked potentials (MEPs) in rehabilitation
  • Primož Novak (Slovenia): Electrical stimulation in peripheral nerve lesions patients


ESPRM SISC Sessionin Musculoskeletal Disorders

Part III- Inflammatory Joint Diseases

Chairpersons: Snezana Tomasevic Todorovic (Serbia)

  • Snezana Tomasevic Todorovic (Serbia): Pain mechanisms in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Bojana Stamenkovic (Serbia): Optimal treatment of psoriatic arthritis with biologics, the importance of multidisciplinary approach


ESPRM SISC Sessionfor PRM in Children

Chairpersons: Karol Hornáček (Slovakia)

  • Karol Hornáček, Martina Mihaliková (Slovakia): Observing the effects of Vojta´s reflex locomotion and therapeutic riding in infants at high risk of cerebral palsy
  • Rodolphe Bailly (France): Correlation between lower limb bone morphology, function, activity and participation in cerebral palsy: a systematic review
  • Iva Papic (RS, B&H): MarteMeo method
  • Amela Mujanić (RS, B&H): The role and importance of speech and language therapist in the process of early intervention
  • Polina Pavicevic (Serbia): Imaging modalities of occult spinal dysraphism in infants and young children: how, when and why
  • Jasna Stojkovic (Serbia): Correlation between body mass index and scoliosis in adolescence

ESPRM SISC Session on Medical Balneology

Chairpersons: Marina Delić (Montenegro),  Aleksandar Jokic (Serbia)

  • Dejan Nesic (Serbia): Balneology in Serbia - yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • Marina Delić (Montenegro): Peloids - Healing Medicine through the Ages
  • Albrecht Falkenbach (Austria): Climatology: sunshine exposure has positive effects
  • Aleksandar Jokic (Serbia): The effect of sulfuric water and mud therapy on serotonin activity and other biochemical parameters in patients’ plasma