Closing the Treatment Gap in Osteoporosis

Chairpersons: Maria Luisa Brandi (Italy), Jean-Yves Reginster 


  • Radmila Matijevic (Serbia): The treatment gap in osteoporosis: a medical and ethical concern
  • John Kanis (UK): The ESCEO-IOF algorithm for the management of patients at low, high and very high risk of osteoporotic fractures
  • Maria Luisa Brandi (Italy): New insights in the management of osteoporosis with bone forming agents: how to use them to close the osteoporosis treatment gap

EASO-ESPRM Joint Session

Disabling Obesity – A joint perspective from ESPRM and EASO

Chairpersons: Paolo Capodaglio (ESPRM), Luca Busetto (EASO)


  • Dragan Micic (Serbia): Latest development in the medical management of obesity- Contemporary aspects of obesity treatment
  • Luca Busetto (Italy): Obesity as a disease: how we can diagnose and stage it?
  • Paolo Marzullo (Italy): Sarcopenia and osteoporosis in obesity: pathophysiology and medical options
  • Paolo Capodaglio (Italy): Rehabilitation interventions in the patient with obesity

SAPRM – ESPRM Joint Session

30 years of Acute Medical Rehabilitation in Clinical Center of Serbia

Chairpersons: Dragana Matanovic (Serbia), Sanja Tomanovic Vujadinovic (Serbia)


  • Sanja Tomanovic Vujadinovic (Serbia): Principles of maintaining acute rehabilitation after critical disease
  • Dragana Matanovic (Serbia): Possibility of acute rehabilitation in patients of post reanimation coma in intensive care units
  • Andjela Milovanovic (Serbia): Early rehabilitation after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in patients operated in the acute term - when started
  • Mirko Grajic (Serbia): Fall and fracture prevention and gait training in acute rehabilitation


Mediterranean Forum of PRM - ESPRM Joint Session

Balneotherapy in the Mediterranean area

Chairpersons: Marina Delić (Montenegro), Lazovic Milica (Serbia)

  • Marina Delić, Vjeroslava Slavić, Gordana Rajović (Montenegro): Voluntary Regulated Breathing Practice: a significant additional tool for anti-stress protocol in the Institute „Dr Simo Milosevic“ Igalo, Montenegro
  • Lazovic Milica (Serbia): Balneotherapy in Euro-Mediterranean countries
  • Stefano Masiero (Italy): Practice of PRM in Italian spas
  • Khalil Al Abbadi (Jordan): The use of balneotherapy-climatological-factors and resources at the Dead Sea in the treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis