1.1. The Future of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Europe

Nicolas Christodoulou

President of European Society of PRM

1.2. Rehabilitation and Frailty

Walter Frontera

President of International Society of PRM

1.3. Acute Medical Rehabilitation: How active are rehabilitation patients?

Henk Stam

President of European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine

1.4. Quality management in rehabilitation: the perspective of UEMS-PRM

Mauro Zampolini

President of UEMS Section of PRM

1.5. The future of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine around the world: a must in every Health System for “Good Health and Well-Being”

Jorge Lains

Past President of International Society of PRM

1.6. Cochrane Rehabilitation

Stefano Negrini

Director, Cochrane Rehabilitation

1.7. Europe’s role in advancing ClinFIT - ISPRM’s universal Clinical Functioning Information Tool

Gerold Stucki

Co-Chair International Society of PRM ClinFIT Task Force 

1.8. Rehabilitation Engineering - Theory And Practice

Dejan Popović

Serbian Academy of Science and Art

1.9. State of Rehabilitation in the WHO European Region and call for actions

Satish Mishra
WHO Regional Office for Europe

A. Conditions in PRM

B. PRM Interventions Research

C. Human functioning Sciences

D. Integrative Rehabilitation Sciences 

3.1. Joint Session UEMS PRM Board

3.2. Joint Session ISPRM

3.3. Joint Session European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine

3.4. Joint Session EFIC Persons with Pain Disability

3.5. Joint Session International Council of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (ICCPR)

3.6. Joint Session Baltic North Sea Forum of PRM

3.7. Joint Session Mediterranean Forum of PRM

3.8. Joint Session ESCEO – IOF

3.9. Joint Session EASO (European Association for the Study of Obesity)

3.10. Joint Session Serbian Association of PRM

3.11. Joint Session Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts