Rehabilitation Service Organisation

Chairpersons: Christoph Gutenbrunner (Germany)

  • Christoph Gutenbrunner (Germany): Approaches to strengthen in rehabilitation services and workforce capacity building in Eastern European countries
  • Galina Ivanova (Russia): Integration of rehabilitation into process of rendering medical care at various levels and at various stages of rendering medical care
  • Alvydas Juocevicius (Lithuania): Development of PRM in Lithuania -1990-2020: chalanges, resources, net of the services
  • Boya Nugraha, Klejda Tani, Christoph Gutenbrunner (Germany): Rehabilitation service assessment and workforce capacity building in Albania
  • Oleksander Vladymyrov, Volodymyr Golyk (Ukraine): Creating new system of rehabilitation in Ukraine
  • Daiana Popa (Romania): Rehabilitation Teamwork, e European experience


Cancer Rehabilitation

Chairpersons: Iuly Treger (Israel), Natasa Mujovic (Serbia)

  • Iuly Treger (Israel): In-patient oncological rehabilitation during intensive cancer treatment
  • Natasa Mujovic (Serbia): Feasibility and effectiveness of preoperative pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Gulseren Akyuz (Turkey): Lymphedema treatment strategies


Specific Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation

Chairpersons: Galina Ivanova (Russia)

  • Ljubica Nikcevic (Serbia): Functional outcome in patients with acute ischemic stroke following acute rehabilitation
  • Dina Khasanova (Russia): The role of post-stroke epilepsy for rehabilitation potential formation in patients following stroke
  • Branka Mladenovic (Serbia): Swallowing rehabilitation: principles and methods
  • Galina Ivanova (Russia): The result of large clinical trial “Development of Medical rehabilitation in Russia” (DOME): three level patient-oriented, multidisciplinary and problem-focused rehabilitation of stroke patient
  • Evrim Karadağ Saygi (Turkey): Evaluation of physical activity and related factors in a sample of Turkish patients with stroke
  • Zoltán Dénes (Hungary): Rehabilitation of patients with severe brain injury in Hungary


Stroke Rehabilitation

Advances in basic and clinical research

Chairpersons: Marco Franceschini (Italy)

  • Marco Franceschini (Italy): Neuroplasticity assessment in stroke rehabilitation
  • Giampaolo Brichetto (Italy): Robotic rehabilitation and wearable devices in MS patients
  • Daiana Popa (Romania): Robotic Rehabilitation; the role of ESPRM Robotic Committee
  • Alessandro Giustini (Italy): Robotics and Advanced Technologies in Rehabilitation: Experiences, Perspectives and Criticisms in Ageing and Childrens



Bone Diseases (e.g. Osteoporosis)

Chairpersons: Ayse Kucukdeveci (Turkey)

  • Ayse Kucukdeveci (Turkey): Acute osteoporotic fractures: physical and rehabilitation medicine approach
  • Radisa Pavlovic (Serbia): Current challenges in the treatment of osteoporosis – clinical implications
  • Tamara Filipovic (Serbia): Matrix metalloproteinase-9 in osteoporotic female patients: potential clinical utility?
  • Milena Jurisevic (Serbia): Frailty, sarcopenia and type-2 diabetes mellites: underlying mechanisms and potential pharmacological interventions
  • Vladimir Biocanin (Serbia): Orofacial changes in patients with sarcopenia and osteoporosis - review of the literature


Physical Therapy Modalities and Rehabilitation

Chairpersons: Calogero Foti (Italy)

  • Calogero Foti (Italy): Vibration energy in physiotherapy
  • Giacomo Magro, Stefano Masiero (Italy): Wearable devices for rehabilitation
  • Olivera Ilic Stojanovic (Serbia):The importance of choosing the parameters of laser therapy and application methods in musculoskeletal disorders. How far are we from consensus?
  • Giacomo Magro, Stefano Masiero (Italy): Short-wave diathermy for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. A preliminary report

Nutrition and Diet

Chairpersons: Dusan Djuric (Serbia)

  • Dusan Djuric (Serbia): Nutrition for Ostheoarthritis – Hyaluronic acid, Glucosamine and Chondroitin – a literature review
  • Olivera Milovanovic (Serbia): Vitamin D status as a useful tool for pathogenesis and therapy of frailty - true or false assertion from literature based evidence


Occupational Therapist in Rehabilitation Team

Chairpersons: Nela Ilic (Serbia), EmiraSvraka (B&H)

  • Emira Svraka (B&H): Occupational therapist in rehabilitation team
  • Nela Ilic (Serbia): Occupational therapy in stroke survivors


Sports for the Disabled Persons

Chairpersons: Mirsad Muftic (B&H), Rade Babovic (Serbia)

  • Mirsad Muftic (B&H): The important of PRM physician for Paralympic athletes


Acupuncture and Complementary Therapies

Chairpersons: Mirsad Muftic(B&H), Zorica Brdareski (Serbia)

  • Zorica Brdareski (Serbia): The undergraduate information of KAM – is it important?
  • Mirsad Muftic (B&H): Music therapy in the treatment of cervical pain syndrome


Manual Medicine

Chairpersons: Petar Dinic (USA), Enrique Varela Donoso (Spain)

  • Petar Dinic (USA): The importance of correction the first cervical vertebra (Atlas) in patients with headache or vertigo
  • Enrique Varela Donoso (Spain): Manual medicine in the temporomandibular disorders


ESPRM SISC Session in Ageing persons  

Chairpersons:  Michael Quittan (Austria)

  • Gerold Ebenbichler (Austria): Targeting age-related changes in back muscle function: Is there a role in preventing early functional decline and frailty in the elderly?
  • Aydan Oral (Turkey): Frailty
  • Michael Quittan (Austria): Rehabilitation of geriatric patients in Austria – the role of PRMiences, Perspectives and Criticisms in Ageing and Childrens 
  • Mojsije Andjić (Serbia): Evaluation of the effects of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation in patients with myocardial infarction 


ESPRM SISC Session in Musculoskeletal Disorders

Part II

Chairpersons: Roberto Casale (Italy), Mirjana Kocic (Serbia)

  • Roberto Casale (Italy): Fibromyalgia
  • Mirjana Kocic (Serbia): Influence of psychological factors on outcomes following total knee and hip arthroplasty
  • Aleksandra Vukomanovic (Serbia): Early rehabilitation and early functional assessment – look at our practice
  • Jovana Kojovic (Serbia): Provocation tests in Thermal Infrared Imaging


ESPRM SISC Session in Spinal Cord Injury

Chairpersons: Christina-Anastasia Rapidi (Greece)

  • Christina - Anastasia Rapidi (Greece): Special Issues Of Women With SCI
  • Francesca Gimigliano (Italy): Evidence based treatments for urinary incontinence


ESPRM SISC Session on Sports Affairs

New therapeutic in sports medicine and MSK

Chairperson: Jean-François Kaux (Belgium)

  • Sanja Mazic (Serbia): Preparticipation screening of elite athletes.
  • Hervé Collado (France): Botulinum toxin in sports medicine
  • Vincent Gremeaux (Switzerland): PRP in knee OA
  • Jean-François Kaux (Belgium): PRP in tendinopathies
  • Jérémy Magalon (Belgium): Stem cells in MSK


ESPRM SISC Session in Musculoskeletal Disorders 

Part II: Back Pain and Spine Disorders

Chairpersons: Francesca Gimigliano (Italy)

  • Marco Monticone (Italy): Responsiveness and minimal clinically important difference of the fear avoidance and beliefs questionnaire in Italian subjects with chronic low back pain undergoing multidisciplinary rehabilitation
  • Olivera Djordjevic (Serbia): Difference between subjects in the early chronic phase of low back pain with and without neuropathic component: an observational cross-sectional study
  • Slavko Rogan (Switzerland): Mechanobiology – how mechanotherapy promotes tissue repair in rehabilitation medicine


ESPRM SISC Session in Peripheral Nerve Disorders

Electrodiagnostics in PRM

Chairpersons: Mark Lissens (Belgium), Dejan Nikolic (Serbia)

  • Dejan Nikolic (Serbia): Electrodiagnostic of myopathies in children
  • Ivana Petronić-Marković (Serbia): Diagnostic and prognostic relevance of neuro-physiological findings in pediatric rehabilitation
  • Primož Novak (Slovenia): Electrical stimulation in peripheral nerve lesions patients
  • Mark Lissens (Belgium): Electrodiagnosis оf the Respiratory System


ESPRM SISC Session in Musculoskeletal Disorders

Part III - Inflammatory Joint Diseases

Chairpersons: Snezana Tomasevic Todorovic (Serbia)

  • Snezana Tomasevic Todorovic (Serbia): Pain mechanisms in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Bojana Stamenkovic (Serbia): Optimal treatment of psoriatic arthritis with biologics, the importance of multidisciplinary approach


ESPRM SISC Session for PRM in Children

Chairpersons: Karol Hornáček (Slovakia)

  • Karol Hornáček, Martina Mihaliková (Slovakia): Observing the effects of Vojta´s reflex locomotion and therapeutic riding in infants at high risk of cerebral palsy
  • Iva Papic (RS, B&H): MarteMeo method
  • Amela Mujanić (RS, B&H): The role and importance of speech and language therapist in the process of early intervention
  • Polina Pavicevic (Serbia): Imaging modalities of occult spinal dysraphism in infants and young children: how, when and why
  • Jasna Stojkovic (Serbia): Correlation between body mass index and scoliosis in adolescence


ESPRM SISC Session on Medical Balneology

Chairpersons: Marina Delić (Montenegro), Aleksandar Jokic (Serbia)

  • Marina Delić (Montenegro): Peloids - Healing Medicine through the Ages
  • Aleksandar Jokic (Serbia): The effect of sulfuric water and mud therapy on serotonin activity and other biochemical parameters in patients’ plasma

ESPRM SISC Session for the Rehabilitation of P&O users 

Chairpersons: Helena Burger (Slovenia)

  • Helena Burger (Slovenia): Lower Limb Orthosis and Balance Confidence
  • Vesna Bokan Mirković (Montenegro): The Importance of Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Problems in The Prevention of Amputations


UEMS PRM Board Session

Fostering the highest educational standards in physical and rehabilitation medicine: The European PRM Board strategy

Chairpersons: Maria Gabriella Ceravolo (Italy)

  • Maria Gabriella Ceravolo (Italy): Standards in PRM education: The UEMS - PRM Board core curriculum of knowledge and competencies


  • AyseKucukdeveci (Turkey): Labs’ session: research on complex regional pain syndrome in a hand rehabilitation unit
  • Ayse Karan, Aydan Oral, Dilsad Sindel, Ayse Yaliman, Resa Aydin, Aysegul Ketenci, Demirhan Diracoglu, Emel Ozcan, Nalan Capan, Sina Esmaeilzadeh Arman, Ekin Ilke Sen (Turkey): Research in a university hospital department: the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University

Mediterranean Forum of PRM - ESPRM Joint Session

Balneotherapy in the Mediterranean area

Chairpersons: Stefano Masiero (Italy), Lazovic Milica (Serbia)

  • Marina Delić, Vjeroslava Slavić, Gordana Rajović (Montenegro): Voluntary Regulated Breathing Practice: a significant additional tool for anti-stress protocol in the Institute „Dr Simo Milosevic“ Igalo, Montenegro
  • Lazovic Milica (Serbia): Balneotherapy in Euro-Mediterranean countries
  • Stefano Masiero (Italy): Practice of PRM in Italian spas