Virtual ESPRM Congress 2020, Belgrade, Serbia

Difficult times ask for creative and courageous solutions which may also open new avenues for a better future!

Following the new needs and trends, the Decision was made to hold the entire program

"22nd ESPRM Congress 2020 and 20th National Congress of PRM" as an online congress called

"VIRTUAL ESPRM CONGRESS 2020" in the period from 19th to 23rd September 2020.
22nd ESPRM Congress 2020 and 20th Annual Congress of SAPRM go virtual. Read more...



We are excited to host the 22nd European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ESPRM 2020) in Belgrade, Serbia.

We believe your presence and active participation will help to guarantee the success of the Congress, as this is a unique opportunity to meet and share knowledge, with colleagues from all over the Europe and world.

Belgrade, an eternal inspiration for artists and travel writers, a city that appears to have never existed, but it is eternally created, enlarged, constantly recovering. From one end it spours and grows from the other it veins and decays. It is always on the move, vibrating, never calm, it does not know what peace and quiet are“, as our great Nobel Prize - wining writer, Ivo Andrić describes it.

ESPRM Congress 2020 - Your Questions Answered

...Will ESPRM Congress 2020 take place in Belgrade?
As Belgrade was to be our host city, it is no longer possible for ESPRM Congress to take place as planned. However, the ESPRM remains committed to delivering practice-changing science to the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine community, and we look forward to bringing you „ESPRM Congress 2020 - The new Experience“.

...Will the Belgrade meeting be postponed?
The congress will not be postponed. The latest novel science, new ESPRM Clinical Practice, as well as a full abstract programme will be shared in a unique and exciting new format. All sessions will be recorded and made available to access on demand for several months following the conclusion of the meeting.

...What do I need to attend the virtual congress?
To attend the online congress, you need a good internet connection, your computer/laptop and a headset/headphones as well as a valid registration. All sessions will be recorded and made available to access on demand for several months following the conclusion of the meeting.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, more precisely our face-to-face congressional model. In accordance with these disturbing circumstances, the 22nd EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF PHYSICAL AND REHABILITATION MEDICINE (ESPRM2020) and the 20th SAPRM CONGRESS, to be held from 19th to 23rd September 2020, are turning into a VIRTUAL CONGRESS (Live Sessions and Recorded Sessions).

This, however, provides us with a most exciting opportunity: to disseminate the best ground-breaking PRM science in a totally new, digital experience.

We are currently developing a variety of formats to produce the most engaging presentations and discussions, featuring key opinion leaders from around the world.